Spice Classics
Cooking scrumptious dishes in minutes...
In recent times, with increased international travel and cross migration, a trend for foods seasoned with spices from everywhere in the world was created.  It is based on such a trend and also the richness in tradition of spices that Spice Classics is created. 

We have the expertise of people who had worked in MNCs who specialized in seasonings.  This current range is only the start of an entire range of easy to prepare exotic seasonings across the region.

What does Spice Classics stands for?

Meticulous sourcing authentic flavours selected from best sources

Consistent, high quality products

Consumer oriented technology

Provides maximum convenience without need for in-depth culinary skills

Contract manufacturing location has independent certifications and surveillance processes such as:
ISO 9002: A systematic means of promoting and measuring process performance regarding Total Quality practices

GMPs: Good Manufacturing Practices which are mandated by the FDA
With dishes such as Otah, Buffalo Wings, BahKutTeh, Herbal Chicken, Prawn Paste Chicken ...
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Great tasting dishes from Spice Classics